Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

Managing a Roofing Claim in Alexandria, MN

In his 20 years as a General Contractor and roofing professional, Noel Nemitz has been actively involved in working with insurance adjusters on thousands of projects. Confidently working on storm damage claims continues to be one of his customer service specialties. He thrives on reducing the stress that homeowners often experience when confronted with a roofing project and insurance claim.

We take the time to discuss safety precautions for occupants, and we protect your home and yard while working on your property. Conducting a safe environment and thoroughly cleaning the area are important considerations for us on every project. 

Experience Matters

It makes good sense to use an experienced roofing company in Douglas County and the surrounding areas. You want your roof to last. By engaging Alexandria Roofing, you save money in the long run since we use high quality materials and experienced crews that do the job right the first time, reducing costly repairs in the future.

No more worries! Working with Alexandria Roofing ensures that you will have quality workmanship that meets local building codes and requirements. We use only the best materials and provide warranties that strengthen the value of your investment. 

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