Roofing Storm Damage in Douglas County, MN

Solutions for Hail & Severe Weather Damage

We have completed thousands of storm-related roofing projects. Your best defense is to have your roof inspected by a state-licensed roofing contractor to determine if you should file an insurance claim.

You can count on Alexandria Roofing for a thorough assessment of the damage and an accurate recommendation on how to proceed with the restoration. If you decide to file an insurance claim, we can provide knowledgeable assistance to walk you through the entire process.

Impact of Hail & High Winds

When hail strikes your home or business property, it can cause dents, divots, and cracks. Often, the roof damage is not detectable from the ground and takes an experienced contractor to determine the extent of the damage. Sadly, if unresolved, it can negate the warranties of your asphalt shingles.

High winds can cause adhesives to fail, fasteners to loosen, and shingles to break apart and/or lift. Shingles hanging down or completely missing are obvious signs of damage. We’ve seen instances when entire sections of shingles have disappeared completely. Broken seals are less likely to be seen from the ground, may cause leaks, and would need a licensed contractor to assess the damage.

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